How to Improve the Wireless Reception of Wireless Surround Sound Systems

If you are having problems when running wireless speakers or if you have a wireless speaker kit in your home and the sound is popping out every once in a while then there are some methods you can use to optimize wireless performance. I’m going to highlight some of these basic methods which hopefully will help you resolve the problems that you are facing.

Obviously, wireless systems by nature are not as reliable as hard-wired systems. That is even more true with audio products because audio transmission has very strict quality requirements when it comes to latency is well as lost data packets. As you can imagine, audio is a continuous stream such as video and any segments which are missing can lead to disastrous results. When using a wireless surround sound speaker system you will by definition every once in a while half data packets which are lost due to wireless interference from other signals. They are some basic methods for improving wireless performance.

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First of all, the …

Some Simple Tips for Fixing a Pair of Broken Wireless Speakers

If you have purchased wireless speakers and your product has just passed the one-year mark during which the manufacturer will offer free warranty service and the speakers all of a sudden stop working then you don’t have to panic. Usually, you should be able to remedy the situation by investigating some simple issues. I will explain exactly what you need to do in this post.

First of all, all wireless speakers require power. Some speakers have a power supply built-in while others use an external wallwart type power supply. If the speaker has a power indicator then you can check whether there is power available. If the indicators off then most likely there is an issue with the power supply. In this case you will need to further investigate the power supply related problem. If the speaker uses it integrated power supply then there is not much you can do except open the speaker. However, first of all you want to check whether the fuse has blown. The fuse …

Some Techniques for Assessing Audio Amplifier Performance

Audio amplifiers are the core element in every set up. Some products already integrated amplifiers. For example, active speakers do not require a dedicated amplifier because the speakers themselves connect directly to a low-level audio output. However, most people use passive speakers which are regular speakers that do not have any sort of amplifier built in.

To get the Best performance from your speakers, you should not only make sure that you speakers are picked well but also make sure the amplifier has undergone proper testing. Proper testing only ensures that the amplifier will last for long time but also will ensure that the amplifier will perform as expected.

Unfortunately, many manufacturers are publishing specifications which are very misleading to the public. As an example, you will often find peak wattage as an amplifier specification. However, this peak wattage does not represent the performance of the amplifier very much. In fact, it is quite misleading and often times much higher than the actual wattage that the amplifier can deliver …